Top Down Shooter Prototype

25 Feb 2017

I’ve been working on a prototype of a top-down shooter game for a while, and I think it’s playable enough at this point to release it somewhere, so here goes. It’s influenced rather heavily by Nuclear Throne, one of my favorite games, though I am designing from a strategy-game perspective. I’m sure it sounds contradictory to many people to think of a top-down shooter as a strategy game, but my concept of what a strategy game should look like is quite a bit different than the norm. I believe strategy games should have high information generalizability and either be real-time or have short timers limiting the time spent on each turn. I’ll expand upon those assertions in future posts, but for now you can play the game in-browser here, or download it for windows here.

Since this is just a prototype there isn’t a menu or tutorial yet, when the game opens you’ll merely see a “Play” button. Unfortunately the game isn’t completely self-explanatory, so here’s some stuff you’ll probably need to know to be able to play:

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have a victory condition at the moment. There are only 5 sections in the level, so for now if you reach the end of the fifth section you can say that you won.

Edit: 3/20/2017 Since this post, I’ve decided to stop working on this game for now. Many of the changes I find myself wanting to make are large enough that it would be quicker to just scrap the project and restart than it would be to continue working forward from here, and at the moment I have other games that I think take precedence over this one. I may eventually return to this concept, but for now I’m shelving it.

However, I did make some significant changes after posting the first build of the game here, and there’s a newer version of this prototype that you can play here. Here’s a brief rundown of the big changes in this build: